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Home Renovation ,Subsidy programs for housing | How Do they Work?

Posted by christiane savaria on May 27, 2021

Do you own a building in Montréal and want financial support for renovation work?

Maybe it’s time to consider renovating , restoring or even replacing some exterior or interior components of your building.

The Renovation program helps owners of eligible residential buildings to receive financial assistance for their housing-related renovation and construction work

The program’s objectives are to renovate all building components in need of repair (mandatory), to improve the quality of the units and to revitalize the most deteriorated areas of the city.

 Here are some programs that are currently available.

RénoVert tax credit

The RénoVert tax credit encourages homeowners to carry out recognized eco-friendly home renovations that have a positive environmental impact.

 This refundable tax credit is only available on a temporary basis for these two tax years.


the range of the tax credit 2500 $ up to 10000 $


The Rénoclimat program helps you improve the energy efficiency of your home, by  financial assistance for the execution of eligible renovation work.

To qualify for the Rénoclimat program, you must apply for an energy evaluation of your home before undertaking any work, then complete the renovations and ask for a post-work energy evaluation.

On average, the Rénoclimat program helped participants save 20% on their heating bills once the renovations were completed.

Heating with Green Power

Canada is a world leader in the production and use of energy from renewable resources. Renewable energy sources currently provide about 18.9 per cent of Canada’s total primary energy supply.

It is a Québec Government program that offers financial assistance to participants that replace their oil heating systems with a heating system using renewable energy such as electricity.

A refundable provincial tax credit for eligible new geothermal system installations is offered to property owners through the Manitoba Green Energy Equipment Tax Credit.


Would you like to receive free services to improve the energy efficiency of your residence?

 Éconologis is a seasonal energy efficiency program available to low-income households. It allows households to take advantage of free individualized advice as well as the free installation of electronic thermostats.

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the RénoRégion program is to provide financial assistance to low- or modest-income owner-occupants who live in rural areas to carry out work to correct major defects in their home.

RénoRégion is applicable according to the area of residence and is aimed at applicants whose eligibility meets certain admissibility criteria. So the program applies to municipalities of 15,000 inhabitants and less.

  • The RénoRégion program provides a grant that is paid out only upon completion of the work.
  • The Société d’habitation du Québec (SHQ) covers the costs of the RénoRégion Program.

The last word

Residents of Montreal can benefit from the Major Residential Renovation Program to renovate any component of the building that requires renovation. Feel free to seek advice from your real estate broker.

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